About Us

Signal Capital Management is a venture capital firm with an impressive record of success and a solid reputation. We are often the first investor in innovative, technology-driven companies that seek to create new markets with significant growth potential. We focus on high-quality seed stage and early-stage investing and take a labor-intensive, service-oriented approach in markets where we have direct experience.  This approach has allowed our investor clients to achieve income and growth levels that would not be remotely possible in traditional exchange traded stock and bond investments. 

To ensure that each portfolio company gets the support it needs to succeed, we actively limit the number of companies we invest in. This gives us an unusually high partner-to-company ratio and guarantees that our portfolio companies get the attention they deserve. Our financial advisors craft effective solutions to investor clients' strategic growth needs through initial public offerings, private placements, private investment in public equity (PIPEs), mergers and acquisitions, valuations and fairness opinions, and other advisory services. 

Our Investment team includes experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds, incorporating financial, legal, and accounting skills. Maintaining a focus on a limited number of industry sectors allows us to build an extensive network of business and financial relationships. Our senior advisors strive to build long-term relationships with clients through personalized attention, a high level of integrity, and a commitment to provide timely, continuous support.