Signal Capital Management comprises the firm's Corporate Finance and Syndicate Departments. Our professional staff is experienced in working with high-quality seed stage and early stage companies.

Our financial advisors craft effective solutions to clients' strategic growth needs through public offerings, private placements, PIPEs, mergers and acquisitions, valuations and fairness opinions, and other advisory services.

Our Investment team includes experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds, incorporating financial, legal, and accounting skills. Maintaining a focus on a single industry allows us to build an extensive network of business and financial relationships. Our senior advisors strive to build long-term relationships with clients through personalized attention, a high level of integrity, and a commitment to provide timely, continuous support.

As a specialty full-service consultant, Signal Capital Management offers its corporate clients a much higher level of expertise, focus, and personal service than is often found at other firms. A investment relationship usually starts with a thorough assessment of a company by Signal Capital Management’s research analysts.

Based on the in-depth understanding of the client company obtained through this assessment, Signal Capital Management investment team can appropriately position the company in the capital markets, structure its offering, and advise the company about valuation and other key aspects of the offering.

Investing more time up front to truly understand a company's business, scientific platform, and future prospects allows Signal Capital Management to more effectively and efficiently manage the transaction on behalf of the client. The time spent up front to obtain this understanding often permits the placement of the company's securities to be done quickly and efficiently.