Team Partners

David Williams
Senior Partner / Managing Director

As co-founder and managing director of Signal Capital Management, David Williams is a true entrepreneur who continually strives for excellence in business. Mr. Williams is committed to providing genuine value to our customers, partners, and employees through constant improvement. In addition to his managerial duties, Mr. Williams personally monitors the portfolios of the firm’s most elite clients. Prior to co-founding Signal Capital Management, Mr. Williams worked at UBS in a variety of senior investment banking positions in New York and London.

Stephen Davies
Senior Partner

Stephen Davies has an extensive history of success in both entrepreneurship and financial services that he brings to the table as co-founder of Signal Capital Management. As the creator and CEO of several successful financial service companies over the past twenty-five years, Mr. Davies brings an operating perspective to the companies in which the firm invests, as well as a wealth of financial expertise and an extended network of domestic and international business contacts.

Alicia Brown

Alicia Brown clear understanding of semiconductor technology served her well in her early career as an entrepreneur. She has since built a solid reputation as a leader through his successful investments in startup high tech firms, particularly in applications and infrastructure. Prior to joining Signal Capital Management, Ms. Brown was a founder and key member of several successful software startups.

Mamuro Takahashi

An engineer with deep management and venture capital experience, Mamuro Takahashi has provided strong leadership to Signal Capital Management’s clients. He invests in companies across the wireless, communications, semiconductors, software and consumer sectors. He is also leading Signal Capital Management ’s China-based strategy and investments. Prior to joining Signal Capital Management, Mr. Takahashi held a product development, marketing and management positions a leading networking company.