Your Financial Advisors

The first step toward successful investing is building a successful relationship with your financial advisor. By working closely with you to better understand your goals, your tolerance for risk and your unique needs, we can better develop a financial strategy that's built to help you succeed on your terms — no matter what your terms are, or how often you wish to revisit them. 

Your relationship with Signal Capital Management is about more than investing money. It's also about investing your trust in us. It's about building a relationship with your financial advisor. It's about sharing your aspirations and engaging in frank discussions about what opportunities you're willing to consider and what level of risk you're comfortable with. 

Our financial advisors have been carefully trained to help you achieve your financial goals. Though each client's needs are unique and personal, we generally approach each relationship through a series of five ongoing steps: 

1. Understanding. Getting to know you, your risk/reward tolerances and your investing style. This also includes staying in touch with your changing needs. 

2. Analysis. Developing a personal investment strategy that evaluates your current financial situation and helps you determine the best strategy for reaching your goals. 

3. Solutions. Evaluating and recommending appropriate investment choices. 

4. Delivery. Helping you implement your investment strategy. Making sure we help you understand your investment choices. 

5. Commitment. Earning your trust through regular contact, timely account information and resolution of any questions or concerns. 

Careful planning is key to achieving your financial goals. Whatever your goals may be — from sending children to college and retiring comfortably to passing your hard-earned estate assets on to loved ones — our financial advisors will evaluate your situation and help you determine which strategies are right for you. 

Our planning services range from a focused review of a particular planning need to the preparation of a comprehensive financial plan that can identify and tailor solutions for your full spectrum of financial goals.